The Vision of Gospel Partners Media

Imagine turning on your television and clicking through the religious channels. You will likely notice the programs have several things in common:

  1. False teaching abounds.
  2. Production values are embarrassingly low.
  3. The teachers plead with low-income people to send their hard earned cash so the “pastor” can fly in a private jet.

This is the sad reality of the majority of Christian television.  While there are certainly some Christian networks and programs that strive to be sound, the majority of Christian TV hardly represents the God of the Bible.

Now imagine turning on your television and clicking through the religious channels and seeing well-produced, compelling, and theologically-sound programs that clearly have a passion to see souls saved and minds healed.

That is the vision of Gospel Partners Media.

With your support, GPM will continue to create programming that captures the attention of viewers and that is not embarrassing. GPM is prepared to produce countless programs that will lead people to Jesus Christ and teach believers that the Bible is sufficient for all of life and godliness.

The Millennial Initiative

Every statistical marker indicates we are losing an entire generation.

Studies show that 70% of university students will depart from the faith.

Gospel Partners Media is determined to reach them.  

Here is our challenge: Millennials are NOT utilizing traditional media like television and radio.  Instead, they live on Roku, Chrome, Apple, and other devices that Baby Boomers don’t use.  

97% of people age 18-34 own a smartphone.  100% use their phones to watch video content online.  For almost half, their phones are their only source of TV and video consumption.  They do not even own a television set.

We want to utilize these platforms to create content that will reach them on the devices they carry with them every minute of the day.

Gospel Partners Media is beginning funding efforts to reach the Millennial generation.  We do not believe these bright young people are “Snowflakes,” they are simply lost, and the church is not reaching them.

Will you help us?

We would love to share with you how we can reach this lost generation through media, together.

To discuss how you can join us as we reach the world, kindly email us HERE