Future Projects

The Dark Night of the Soul

Cancer, the death of a child, financial ruin, hurricanes. How does a Christian learn to not just survive, but have joy?

Teen Challenge

Spend a year inside one of America’s most successful drug, alcohol, and sexual addiction rehab facilities and watch lives get transformed.

Explain Yourself

What do celebrities believe about God? We find out when we spend time interviewing celebrities about their religious worldviews.

The Private Side

Some Evangelical pastors are known by millions. But what are they like when they are not in the pulpit or the spotlight? Find out as we visit these men in the privacy of their own homes.

Happily Ever After

Evangelical marriages sadly crumble at almost the same rate as secular marriages. Rick Thomas equips viewers with the Biblical skills to not just survive but thrive as he counsels actual Evangelicals who are struggling in their marriages.

A Christian Sports Talk Show

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to view a weekly sports program that actually involved God and the Bible? Former professional wrestler and Christian Robbie Knapick hosts a Christian sports talk program that shares more than scores and predictions.
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A Spanish Speaking Outreach

Yonathan Morris is smoother than Ricardo Montalban, more likable than Mr. Rogers, and more theologically-sound than virtually all current Spanish Christian TV. Watch Yonathan at work here:
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Dr. Heath

Dr. Heath Lambert hosts a Dr. Phil-like counseling program…but he does not use secular psychology; he uses the Bible. Dr. Heath will model how Biblical counseling can help, heal, and give joy to those who apply it.

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