Wretched TV & Radio

Take a heaping dose of theology, add a healthy passion for evangelism, mix in a dollop of sarcasm, and voila, you have Wretched TV and Radio.

Wretched is the flagship program of Gospel Partners Media. Wretched TV has produced over 2100 daily episodes and is available in over 110 million homes. Wretched Radio is heard daily on over 500 stations around America.

Wretched has three goals:

  1. Preach the Gospel.
  2. Equip the saints to share and defend the faith.
  3. Strengthen the local church.

Wretched TV and Radio blends apologetics, evangelism, and theology and delivers it all with a spoonful of sugar to help the strong medicine go down.a

To view over 2100 episodes of Wretched TV, or listen to thousands of hours of Wretched Radio, please visit the Wretched website. CLICK HERE!